Lincoln has a resource for people who are prone to wandering. The Autism Family Network has launched "Project Lifesaver" as of October 1, 2018

Project Lifesaver is a battery operated band that a child or adult can wear. If the person is reported missing, a search and rescue team from the Lincoln Police Department and Lancaster County Sheriff's Department will respond with a tracking system.


Citizens enrolled in Project Lifesaver wear a small transmitter on the wrist or ankle that emits an individualized frequency signal. If an enrolled client goes missing, the caregiver notifies 911, and a trained emergency team responded to the wanderer's area. The first responders will then use the client's individualized frequency to locate the position of the individual. The knowledge given from the community policing courses is best applied in this situation because the first responders will know how to best approach the client once found, and allow them to be brought back to safety.


Now, anyone can contact the Autism Family Network to sign up and be part of the program. The Project Lifesaver bracelet comes at a cost of $300. Families can also choose to Pay-as-you-go and pay $20 a month for 15 months until it's paid off. If families cannot afford either program, there are grants available for qualifying families.