Autism Awareness Eagle Project:

Project is designed to spread awareness of autism at East High School, by creating several fliers that will be posted on school lockers by members of the East High Marching Band. There are six unique fliers, each has a puzzle piece design. During home football games the Marching Band's 5 gallon water jugs will be kept full. Special thanks goes out to the Tri-M group at East High for helping post the fliers all around Lincoln East to promote Autism Awareness. The Eagle award was presented on February 8th, 2014.

  Autism Awareness Rain BarrelSeats and Chairs Ready
Scouts get startedColoring FliersGiving TalkTalking to East High Marching Band
Some East High lockers to have fliers posted on
Autism Is Amazing
Autism Is Unique
Autism Is TerrificAutism Is IncredibleAutism Is SpecialAutism Is Manageable
Prepare for football
Just got done toting 20 gallons of water
The East Marching Band
Adding iceFill with waterAll four full
Autism Fliers at East HighLockers Filled with Fliers
All done placing fliers